The Osgoode Township Museum
Robin Chushnie

The Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum  collects information and artefacts relating to life in Osgoode Township.

Our Mandate

To encourage research into the history of the Township of Osgoode;

To secure and preserve an accurate account of the progress and development of the Township of Osgoode;

To promote public interest in the history of the area;

To maintain a museum and the property as a repository for indigenous Native and pioneer relics, artifacts, historical documents, and other articles of historical significance;

To promote the study, practice and knowledge of all phases of historical and archaeological research within the Township of Osgoode.

We Care Focus
Mike Wlotzki

This program has been developed to educate new and seasoned drivers on the financial and emotional ramifications of their actions through different services, it provides drivers with information or tools that can be used to increase “focus” behind the steering wheel.

We all understand the importance of paying attention while we are driving. However, with today’s fast paced lives it is incredible how we can easily forget to focus and become distracted. Distracted driving is the main cause of automobile accidents.

The program increases the level of awareness on the financial and emotional ramifications of being distracted while driving. From this, your level of FOCUS driving will dramatically increase and mitigate your chances of causing an “At Fault Accident”