Our story is somewhat of a unique one that started with a vision and dream to make OWBA a reality within the rural boundaries of Osgoode Ward.  It was unique because we have five very distinct villages in the Ward along with a portion of Manotick and yet we were disconnected with regards to grouping all the businesses together and making us unified.

The idea was born in a living room amongst a few individuals that felt we were missing out on much opportunity to promote and explore what was right in front of us to shop local and stay local.  After multiple meetings over many months, the idea slowly took shape and the dream was within reach.

OWBA Founders: Jane DiRaimo and Gerrie Kautz

Welcome to Osgoode Ward Business Association…OWBA for short!

The concept behind OWBA to form an umbrella business organization within the Ward included having a link between home based, agricultural and industrial businesses to promote business development and have a strong voice at three levels of government.

Having representation from all these areas, would link them up to make customers more aware of what we have to offer in the way of products and services, both inside the Ward and out.  Networking is important for growth and so is getting to know who your neighbours are in this respect. All of the villages like Osgoode, Metcalfe, Greely, Vernon,  Kenmore and  Manotick East as well as the surrounding areas, can be more powerful when marketed together under one, all encompassing organization.

Moving forward into the future it is intended to expand the OWBA activities to put us on the map for local business and make a name for ourselves in the world of BIAs and other business organizations alike.


Inaugural Meeting