The following summarizes input from OWBA members collected during Round Table Sessions conducted on the evening of March 20, 2019 over the course of approximately 4 hours. Participants rotated through 4 of 8 tables of interest in order to engage in discussion and have their voices heard on 8 key topics impacting rural stakeholders.

The workshop was organized around eight primary themes. The respective discussion was captured on pad boards and was summarized in the linked document below (pgs. 3-14). Additional input provided by stakeholders who could not attend has also been incorporated.

The purpose for the Round Table was the open discussion and sharing of grassroots public input, intended to provide a tangible and relevant rural perspective of how rural stakeholders would like to see the New Official Plan incorporate their needs and address their concerns. The end results are now summarized into a complete document provided to City of Ottawa Officials in order to influence the direction and development of the City of Ottawa New Official Plan.

OWBA Round Table Input to City of Ottawa New Official Plan