Looking to Improve Your Business? Join a BBC.

Debbie Lyall Manotick BBC
Deborah Lyall, from Lyall’s Art and Design in Greely, speaks to the Manotick BBC.

There are quite a few opportunities to attend business promotion and networking groups in Ottawa, even in some of the more rural areas south of the city.

The Business Breakfast Club (the BBC we are referring to!) is a business-networking group for
small and medium-sized local businesses. We offer a unique opportunity to promote your brand, learn form other entrepreneurs, and establish yourself as a trusted business in local communities.

The Manotick BBC chapter (or “club”) deals with businesses in and around Ottawa South communities including Manotick, Greely, Osgoode, Metcalfe, Kars and North Gower (as well as adjacent communities in Ottawa and Barrhaven).

We meet weekly at a central location, first thing in the business day, to share updates about our businesses and learn how to best promote each other.

We are a referral-based network, which means we operate by giving word-of-mouth references about the businesses in our club we know and trust.

These kinds of referrals are powerful marketing leads and our members benefit by significantly increasing their customer base because of them.

So why are we different than other business development associations?

Here are some points we think are important to address:

  • Your Business is Unique: When you join our club in a particular region, you assume a “business classification” that no other member in that club can claim. What does that mean? It means that you will never “compete” with other members of your club for business or for referrals. You are the business expert for your kind of work, and the club’s “go-to resource” when members need that work done.
  • Your Time is Valuable: Although we work best when members attend meetings weekly (most of us make it a standing appointment in our calendars), we understand that your business – and life in general – gets busy. Occasionally your attention is needed somewhere else. And that’s OK. No penalties, no shame. When you are with us though, we commit to ending our meetings on time and get you on with your day promptly.
  • Your Budget is Limited: We are not a casual group of people who just hang out over breakfast. Our meetings follow a proven format and our club has infrastructure that we support. But our semiannual dues are not going to break the bank. They are reasonable, affordable and many of us simply include them in our marketing budgets. In many cases, dues are paid for many times over with the extra business our referrals generate.
  • Your Contribution is Appreciated: Our membership is made up from various business professionals from all walks of life. You do not have to be an established “bricks-and-mortar” outfit; you might be based from home or even trying out a different line of work for the first time. We want to hear about what you do! The value of our membership is the support we are able to give all types of businesses, using the different and diverse experiences of our own members.
  • Your Stress Can Be Reduced: Morning meetings can be hard enough! They don’t have to be tedious or unpleasant. Our meeting atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Mostly it feels like we are having breakfast among friends. We drink coffee. We chat. We listen. We help. We give our members opportunity to meet, be comfortable with, and trust each other in business matters.

That’s pretty easy. And kind of fun! It makes our morning meetings something to look forward to.

And, where can you try all this out? The Manotick BBC meets Wednesday mornings at 8:00 am.

You can email kim@keyboardandcoffee.ca or info@graphictree.ca for more information or check out our Facebook page (@manotickbbc).

Looking for more information about our member businesses? Visit www.businessbreakfast.ca.

Your first breakfast is on us, and there is no obligation to join. Have breakfast, bring your business
cards and find out if there is a spot for you.

We’d love to meet you!